Average Website Development Cost in 2020- A Complete Breakdown

“How much does an average website development cost?” is probably the first question that comes into the mind of every person seeking forward to create an online presence in 2020. We know websites have not only provided writers a platform to share their views but also let entrepreneurs sell their goods and services to the online audience.

But telling you the exact cost of website development could be quite tricky for us since there are too many factors influencing the final price. However, Techanator can still break the average web development cost for you!

It will pretty much give you an idea of how much investment (on the average) you have to make for building a website from scratch.

Average website development cost breakdown

From acquiring a web domain to choosing the right elements, there are a lot of factors involved in the establishment of a decent looking website. These factors are divided into two known sections that are as following:

  • Backend (website infrastructure)
  • Frontend (website layout & functionality)

Backend: Backend, as the name suggests, deals with the foundation of your website. To make a strong website infrastructure, you have to arrange three components: a domain, host, and SSL certificate. Your backend alone will cover up 75% of your average website development cost.

Frontend: The rest of 25% will be covered by the frontend of your website. It comprises two components naming the layout and functionality. The layout of your website deals with the design whereas the functionality lets users navigate to the desired page of your website.

average website development cost

Both frontend and backend sections rely on each other to keep your website stable and functional. Now we are going to breakdown the average development cost of each website’s section in detail. Let’s start with the website’ backend first!

Average development cost of website’s backend

As mentioned earlier, your average website’s infrastructure cost is divided into three main components:

  • Domain name
  • Host
  • SSL certificate

Domain name 

Acquiring a domain name is the most significant part that adds to your average web development cost of backend. It is a relevant search tool that leads users to your site. We know you can publish your website through an ISP or free domain sites but these types of services are not worth it. Not only does it impact the speed of your website but it also limits down access to many vital plugins.

However, getting a domain name from well-known registrars such as Godaddy, Namecheap, and Domain.com will help you protect your brand name and avoid possible future problems. The price of a domain is usually diversified by registrars and TLDs. A .com domain (the most common TLD) will nearly cost you about $10 per year in 2020.

average website development cost


Do you know what puts life in your domain? It’s none other than a host. It is online storage that holds your website data, images and videos. Also, it makes your website visible to others. Hosted platforms such as WIX and Squarespace provide you with simple proprietary software and computer storage space where your website will live. The average cost of these platforms varies between $30 to $140 per month.

A self-hosted blog platform, on the other hand, works completely differently than that of hosted ones. These decentralized platforms enable you with extreme mobility and allow you to make changes in the backend files. Using services of third-party hosts such as Bluehost, Hostgator and Siteground will cost you nearly about $15 per month.

Techanator would recommend you to go with self-hosted services since it will make your brand look professional and trustable to the visitors.

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SSL certificate

Your website’s infrastructure is considered incomplete without an SSL certificate. It is the most important component that covers up the overall cost involved in the backend of your website. SSL is a small data file that digitally binds your website’s domain, server name, and hostname together. Also, it secures your credit card transactions, address, and other personal information. Nowadays, a free SSL certificate is provided by almost every hosting company.

Still, most people prefer to go with an extended validation certificate or Organization validated certificates. Not only do these SSL certificates require verification but they also are more trustworthy when compared to free ones. Getting an EVC or OVC will nearly cost you about $20 in 2020.

average website development cost

Now you have got the idea of the average cost involved in developing the backend of your website in 2020. A structure formed using self-hosted platforms will nearly cost you about 200-220 USD. Meanwhile, a website’s base built using a hosted platform like Wix can cost you up to 390-400 USD.

Let’s put a spotlight on the average development cost of a web’s frontend!

Average development cost of website’s frontend

By this time, you have a working website with its domain name, hosting server, and SSL certificate. But that’s not it! You also have to make it more efficient & friendly to your online visitors. It can be done by developing your website’s design and functionality which has an average price as following:


Your website’s layout speaks everything about your brand. An unappealing or outdated layout will stop the audience from revisiting your website. That’s why it is always recommended to keep your website’s layout updated and user-friendly. With the availability of a large number of pre-made themes in 2020, you can easily design your website with few tweaks. However, such themes lack features and functionality.

Premium themes, on the other hand, removes the limit and let you enjoy its features & functionality to its fullest! The price of premium themes varies from $60 to $140 depending on the hosting platform you have selected.

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With a good website’s layout comes the idea of having better functionality. It is another important factor that contributes to the average cost of developing a website. A blogging site with good functionality helps users navigate through its pages and provides them with the information they are looking for.

Gone are those days when people used to code their site for adding functionality. There are a large number of free and premium extensions available on the internet. Bloggers & businesses tight on a budget can stick with the idea of using free plugins or extensions to make their website serviceable. However, using premium extensions might add up to an average of $150 to the overall cost of website development.

average website development cost

The average web frontend development will cost you up to $200-250 per year in 2020.

Average website development cost: backend + frontend 

Above are the determinants that exceedingly come together to determine the average cost of launching a website. The average website development cost (including both backend and frontend) is near about 400 to 500 USD for a year. For businesses that want their website to look professional like Virgin America and ETQ can expect the price of 700 to 1000 USD per year. The average price of website development may go up to $1600 on hiring a professional website programmer.

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